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Two Christians Released in Shaanxi, One Remains in Detention in Sichuan

Friday, April 1, 2011

China Aid Association
(Ma’an Village, Shaanxi – April 1, 2011) Two house church Christians who were taken into custody when police raided their Sunday worship service in a village in central China’s Shaanxi have been released after spending more than two weeks in police detention, ChinaAid has learned.
Meanwhile, in Sichuan province, a woman house church leader who was taken away by police on March 10 at 5 p.m. remains in a detention center. Liao Zhongxiu, a leader of the Qu county house church, is being held on suspicion of using a cult to undermine the nation’s laws and regulations.
In Shaanxi, Weng Zemei and Zhang Yongkuan were released on March. 29. They had been among a dozen Christians who were taken into police custody on March 13 when the local police chief and two other officers burst into Weng’s home in Ma’an Village, Zhongchang township, Baihe county where they were worshipping. Ten of the Christians were released the same evening. Police also confiscated all the Bibles and other books and publications.

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