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Chinese House Church Alliance Deputy Chairman is Criminally Detained

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

China Aid Association
Shi-enhao2011-06-21_thumb(Suqian City, Jiangsu – July 6, 2011) In yet another sign of the Chinese government’s clampdown on unregistered churches, the deputy chairman of the Chinese House Church Alliance has been criminally detained.
The June 21 detention notice for Pastor Shi Enhao (see scan at right) from the Sucheng Sub-bureau of the Suqian City Public Security Bureau, in coastal Jiangsu province, says he is being held on “suspicion of using superstition to undermine national law enforcement.” Criminal detention is the first step of the legal process that ends in a trial and the almost-inevitable conviction of a criminal offense.

On June 30, the U.S.-government funded Radio Free Asia reported that Pastor Shi’s daughter had confirmed that her father had been criminally detained the previous Tuesday, June 21.
ChinaAid believes that the prolonged persecution against Pastor Shi is premeditated and constitutes an attempt to frame Pastor Shi. Against the backdrop of the persecution of one of Beijing’s largest house churches, the Shouwang Church, this criminal detention of Pastor Shi is another sign of the increasing persecution of house churches across China.
ChinaAid founder and president Bob Fu calls on the Suqian police to release Pastor Shi and to stop creating conflicts between church and state, which simply intensifies already tense church-state relations and the conflicts between the government and the populace.
Pastor Shi had previously disappeared into police custody on June 12, immediately after he had been released from 12 days of administrative detention. Before he was even allowed to return home, police took him away to an unknown location.
See ChinaAid’s previous reports on Pastor Shi: -- The deputy chairman of the Chinese House Church Alliance, Pastor Shi Enhao, has disappeared into police custody after being released from a 12-day administrative detention sentence. Pastor Shi was taken by police in Suqian city, in coastal Jiangsu province, on May 31 and was administratively detained at the Suqian city detention center for 12 days. He was released on June 12, but before he was even allowed to return home, police immediately took him away to an unknown location. -- Chinese authorities administratively detained the deputy chairman of the Chinese House Church Alliance, Pastor Shi Enhao, for 12 days. Pastor Shi and other lay leaders were taken into police custody on May 31 at around 7 p.m. and detained at the Suqian city detention center. Twenty-four hours later, the other detainees were released but Pastor Shi and a woman named Chang Meiling were given a 12-day administrative detention sentence. On June 1, more than 10 people raided and searched Pastor Shi’s home and took away some books and other written materials.
These links are to related reports in Chinese by Radio Free Asia:  -- June 30 report with Shi Enhao’s daughter confirming her father’s criminal detention.  -- March 30 report that Pastor Shi was apprehended on March 4 by Suqian city Domestic Security Protection officers and Religious Affairs Bureau officials who rushed to the city of Nanyang where he was preaching, took him back to Suqian city and held him in the Suqian detention center, where he was beaten.

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