Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chen Guangcheng Under US Protection, "Pivotal Moment" for Administration's Commitment to Human Rights in China

China Aid Association

(Beijing—April 28, 2012) ChinaAid learned from a source close to the Chen Guangcheng situation that Chen is under US protection and high level talks are currently under way between US and Chinese officials regarding Chen's status.

"This is a pivotal moment for US human rights diplomacy,” said Bob Fu, ChinaAid President.  "Because of Chen's wide popularity, the Obama Administration must stand firmly with him or risk losing credibility as a defender of freedom and the rule of law.  If there is a reason why Chinese dissidents revere the US, it is for a moment like this."
ChinaAid hopes the Administration will honor Chen's wishes, ensure his safety, and make sure that Chen's family does not suffer reprisals. Chen's case should be handled like professor Fang Lizhi and not become another Wang Lijun.


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I'm sorry to say so, but President Obama has rarely (never?) stood on principle, where it was disadvantageous to his own political career.

Therefore, Mr. Guangcheng's chances for freedom in the U.S. are slight, even though he is within the U.S. embassy.

This is the classic case of standing on principle when you may prefer not to. President Obama does not fare well under such tests. The vacuum of silence around this issue is completely unnecessary - and ominous.

Anonymous: The CCP does not control President Obama's political future. In fact, it is almost inconceivable that Chen Guancheng would be handed over to his antagonists by a U.S. president under these circumstances. I am hopeful and optimistic that this man and his family will have a safe and uneventful journey to a country of freedom.

I wish we knew what if anything can be done by average Americans to help this man and his family secure safety and freedom -- the situation has changed and we need to show our support and appreciation.

Something can be done by the American people - get in touch with all your political representatives and tell them you will never vote for them again whilst they remain silent on this issue.

USA should help its own citizen illegally blocked in China for 4 years come home!!!

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