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Healthcare professionals bring their frustration to streets after doctor is fatally stabbed by disgruntled patient

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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The sign held by the man on the car reads:
"A life for a life." (Weibo)
(Zhejiang—Nov. 12, 2013) Three doctors were stabbed, one fatally, at the First People’s Hospital of Wenling in China’s coastal Zhejiang on Oct. 25 by a man who was unhappy with the results of his surgery.

This man's coat reads:
"If you want to make
money, do not be a
medical student. If you
are afraid to die, do not
be a clinic doctor."
On Oct. 31, many hospitals in Hangzhou, the provincial capital, broke out in spontaneous mourning of Wang Yunjie, the doctor who was killed. Wang was the chief physician in the ENT department.

Many healthcare workers let their frustration be known when they gathered in the streets shouting slogans such as “against violence” and “give me back my dignity.” Based on signs in the crowd, the medical community seeks understanding and respect.

The government dispatched riot police in response to the crowd.

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