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Religious Persecution in China Annual Reports

ChinaAid publishes an annual persecution report as part of it mission to uncover and reveal the truth about religious persecution in China, focusing mainly on persecution of Protestant house churches.

The reports comprehensively document and insightfully analyze all of the reports received by us each year. Each case that we report has been carefully investigated in collaboration with local house church leaders and believers, corroborated through direct interviews with victims and family members, and verified by secondary sources.

It is important to note that these cases are only the tip of iceberg, representing only a small portion of the total number of cases of religious persecution taking place all across China. While our annual reports are not comprehensive of all the abuses of human rights and religious freedom in China, our information covers a majority of the Chinese provinces and municipalities and many types of persecution.

Hence, the information can be considered representative of the overall situation and the annual reports can be used comparatively to study trends and gauge the increasing or decreasing severity of the persecution and the different kinds of persecution. These reports are used by individuals, and government and non-governmental organizations as reliable documentation that exposes the current state of religious persecution in China.

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        Annual Reports                                                Annual Top 10 Cases

CAA 2013 Annual Report                                      CAA 2013 Top 10 Cases Report
English Version    Chinese Version                        English Version    Chinese Version

CAA 2012 Annual Report                                      CAA 2012 Top 10 Cases Report
English Version    Chinese Version                        English Version    Chinese Version

CAA 2011 Annual Report                                      CAA 2011 Top 10 Cases Report
English Version    Chinese Version                        English Version    Chinese Version

CAA 2010 Annual Report                                      CAA 2010 Top 10 Cases Report
English Version    Chinese Version                        English Version    Chinese Version

CAA 2009 Annual Report                                      CAA 2009 Top 10 Cases Report
English Version    Chinese Version                        English Version    Chinese Version

CAA 2008 Annual Report                                      
English Version    Chinese Version                        

CAA 2007 Annual Report

CAA 2006 Annual Report

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